“If I was in my country I would not have gotten this opportunity and I am thankful. We are given the opportunity to learn new things that we didn’t know before, so it’s a really good chance and opportunity for people like us.  I am so appreciative as they also helped me find a job.”

Oshin Samal
From Nepal, 18

“(…) being involved in the Cosmic Bobbins Summer Internship Program was a great experience. I learned skills that would not only aid me in the workplace, but also in my everyday life.”

Alexis Simuel
Former Cosmic Bobbins Sewing Apprenticeship Participant

“I learned lots of things I didn’t know before and I learned a lot here. I am still trying to learn more.”

Aruna Padhan, 17
From Nepal

“My first project was a hello kitty pillow and pillow case I came up with all on my own. When I was done, I couldn’t believe that I made that by myself.”

Parmilla, 18

From Nepal

Our Services and Mission

Cosmic Bobbins offers custom sewing, screen printing, and embroidery. In an effort to better serve the mission, the Cosmic Bobbins Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit was established in November of 2015. Work through the foundation impacts the lives of local underrepresented participants including youth, refugee, and immigrant populations. We are committed to creating a global community where sustainability, upcycling and social good become a lifestyle, where people are meaningfully employed and our core essence is a spirit of hope.

Help fund a student’s path to learning valuable life skills.