The Mission

How we started and where we’re going…



Fashioned at the crossroads of business and social good, Cosmic Bobbins, a social enterprise, was founded by passionate business owner Sharie Renee in 2002. The organizational mission focused on uplifting underserved communities through arts-based entrepreneurship and sewing education. Operations and revenue were generated through the sale of crafted goods, pop-up events, and a retail store featuring handmade works of over 65 local artist entrepreneurs along with fair trade and direct trade goods (the retail store closed in December 2017).


Social justice work was supported by the founder in partnership with community-based programs and agencies. Over time, the educational and outreach programming needed its own legal structure. In 2015, Sharie created a 501(c)3 nonprofit, the Cosmic Bobbins Foundation, to support the growing mission.


The Cosmic Bobbins Foundation sees an opportunity in northeast Ohio to create a “front porch” for community collaboration and job creation through up-cycling and sustainable sewing skills. Participants build meaningful relationships through intergenerational learning that spans a variety of racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. Mentorship through the program provides support, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities.


Current Work


Cosmic Bobbins Foundation launched a workforce initiative called Cleveland Sews to establish a network and collaborative hub that revitalizes the sewing industry via the empowerment of underserved adults and youth. Using a collective impact model, Cleveland Sews leads pilot projects with Cleveland’s refugee and immigrant communities, “at-opportunity” youth, and other vulnerable populations. In October 2016, Cosmic Bobbins Foundation was awarded Enterprise Community Partners’ Nurture an Idea Award to further this community initiative.


We envision the Cleveland Sews workforce program as a collaborative hub where the art of sewing creates sustainable incomes for economically disenfranchised adults and youth.


Our longterm Mission is to provide workforce training for underserved populations in arts-based entrepreneurship, sewing education, and job outreach.



Help fund a student’s path to learning valuable life skills.