ASIA Programs

Through a partnership with ASIA Services in Action and the U.S. Committee of Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), Cosmic Bobbins Foundation facilitates skill building through intergenerational crafting and sewing, known as our Bridge Program.  The collaborative approach provides supportive and wrap-around services through a support group, while empowering socially isolated refugee women to find creativity as a means of community-building, connectivity, and opportunity outreach.  

While intergenerational sewing and crafting as a workforce pathway may seem not as an aggressive approach to employment, traditional pipeline to workforce models do not meet the barriers and challenges faced by refugee populations.  Bridge programs are emerging as innovative solutions to address the skills gaps.  Bridge programs meet people where they are at, but build pathways to self-sufficiency (Center for an Urban Future, 2016).


Help fund a student’s path to learning valuable life skills.